About Us

A school carrying a legacy of 10 years with a motto of delivering Minds Without Fear

Our History

Some Words from our founder... (PAST)

Many milestones include a number of ‘firsts’ – from when we became the first IB school, first international school in India (and the third in Asia) by adopting the International Baccalaureate Diploma program in 2010 among only nine other schools worldwide; to when we became the first school in India to have its own separate campus for camping and outdoor activities in 2012.

As our Principal, Corey Stixrud, once said: "Learning happens when we learn directly about a new culture…not from a textbook but from our roommate, or a new friend. Learning grows out of our successes and our failures. It happens when we study, work, talk, play, pray, share, reflect, argue…and when we make up. Granted, it doesn’t happen all the time, but a community that is imbued with the spirit of learning finds that learning is an ongoing continuous process."

And this philosophy has paid off – our graduates, aside from growing into well-developed and well-adjusted world citizens, consistently achieve higher results than world averages in IB and SAT examinations – and 100% of Mussoorie Valley students who apply gain entry to colleges and universities worldwide. The Mussoorie Valley High School Diploma is US accredited and also allows Mussoorie Valley graduates direct entry to Indian universities.

Introduction to Mussoorie Valley

All About Mussoorie Valley... (PRESENT)

Mussoorie Valley was established in 2009 with an aim to make a real difference in a myriad ways to the lives of students who pass out through its portals and help them find their place in the sun.

A sprawling green, picturesque, 40-acre campus dotted with boulders and natural rocks, Mussoorie Valley in lined with neat network and pathways. Through both academic outdoor learning and extended expeditions, Mussoorie Valley students develop lasting relationships with the natural world, while building resilience and leadership.

Mission & Vision

Where we are headed... (FUTURE)

Mussoorie Valley is guided by a mission to prepare every single child for the challenges of a world driven by change, more than ever before. He embraces modern learning in his journey through the ever-widening frontiers of knowledge. Mussoorie Valley strives for excellence in teaching and learning, offering an exceptional education in a diverse international community.